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From source (7 November 2022):
Stable 83's depiction of Luna. For those curious, Stable 83 is my own custom Fallout: Equestria stable… of only bat ponies.
safe989773 artist:starcasteclipse11 character:princess luna65764 species:alicorn136667 species:bat pony29808 species:pony666967 g4281274 alternate design1828 bat ponified1595 bat pony alicorn1101 bat wings4817 clothing299541 crown10435 cute127832 female742959 flying24462 full moon2162 galaxy mane3063 hoof shoes3384 horn31501 jewelry37671 lunabetes2487 mare293407 moon13623 necklace11560 night15706 night sky1205 peytral2069 race swap8298 regalia12229 shoes22061 sky8871 smiling151410 solo627703 spread wings33574 starry night475 stars9185 wings70388


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