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From source (7 March 2023):
Disgruntled boyfriend meme
safe988204 artist:beatlinked3 character:applejack97548 character:rarity105058 character:trenderhoof528 species:earth pony141567 species:pony665343 species:unicorn184517 g4280226 my little pony: the movie (2017)10284 angry16433 canterlot3916 clothing299105 cute127264 distracted boyfriend meme53 female741857 floppy ears30762 heart25572 heart eyes8814 jackabetes3817 jealous770 looking back30953 male196798 mare292340 meme38034 movie accurate856 open mouth81803 ponified20218 ponified meme438 shipping103316 stallion64709 straight64143 style emulation2367 trenderity30 trenderjack53 wingding eyes12280


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