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February 15, 2023 at 9:00 PM UTC
Solar Studies

Alternate Source (Twitter)
Solar studies..✍️☀️⌛️
finished art for @Lerovun ! 🧡
#mlp #pony
safe988204 artist:astralblues6 character:sunburst4008 oc376076 oc only252861 oc:cloud jumper3 species:pegasus185948 species:pony665343 g4280226 book20519 bookshelf2353 clothing299105 curtains1286 doll2324 ear fluff18063 figurine869 folded wings3818 glasses36428 high res16926 male196798 pencil2290 reading3954 scroll2354 solo626893 stairs1071 stallion64709 sundial8 sweater8752 test tube161 toy6999 window5209 wings69841


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