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From source (8 March 2023):
When the two big city spooky best friend visit the little village.

Note: i changed again HArvest Moon design and finally i like her new design. it fits her <3

Harvest Moon, Moonlit Mist ©me
safe987537 artist:spookyle242 oc375887 oc only252709 oc:harvest moon38 oc:moonlit mist7 species:bat pony29737 species:pony664727 species:unicorn184282 g4279593 bat pony oc10153 bat wings4768 bow15773 colored hooves5031 cute126882 cute little fangs1460 duo38620 ear fluff17982 fangs15007 female741177 hooves12183 horn30911 mare291763 moon13577 night15657 ocbetes3699 profile5190 sharp teeth2515 sitting38428 spread wings33116 table5721 tail15369 tail bow2943 three quarter view2924 unicorn oc3247 unshorn fetlocks16628 wings69547


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