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From source (12 March 2023):
safe993913 artist:buvanybu56 character:starlight glimmer30703 species:pony671219 species:unicorn186794 episode:the cutie map2778 g4283362 my little pony: friendship is magic163325 alternate eye color166 cute129583 cutie mark28636 dark background559 ear fluff18743 equal cutie mark944 female746530 glimmerbetes2787 glowing292 glowing horn12670 gradient background8105 horn32615 leg fluff2301 looking at you100460 magic45770 magic aura3066 mare296435 purple eyes1207 raised hoof29629 s5 starlight1066 signature17307 simple background237042 smiling153372 smiling at you2408 solo630257 staff1866 staff of sameness446 telekinesis17689 three quarter view3295 unshorn fetlocks18055 wrong eye color614


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