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From source (21 March 2023):
Meet my new OC, Wild Swing ♥️

She's a jazz vocalist for the Cloudsdale Big Band 🎶

#mlpfim #mylittlepony #mlpfanart #ArtOnTwitter #ArtistOnTwitter
safe988296 artist:scarletdoodle15 oc376108 oc only252881 oc:wild swing2 species:earth pony141604 species:pony665436 g4280291 abstract background8938 anklet512 bipedal20268 clothing299137 dialogue44571 dress27134 earth pony oc2999 eyes closed54602 eyeshadow8819 female741944 french451 gradient background7808 jazz42 jewelry37522 makeup11465 mare292414 pink mane439 shiny1274 signature16028 singing4121 solo626958 sparkles2931 speech bubble14145 spotlight950 text27579 white coat165


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