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From source (25 March 2023):
The threads of fate intertwine upon the last princess.
safe990969 artist:thebigstuff8939 character:applejack97641 character:fluttershy116050 character:izzy moonbow2392 character:moondancer2873 character:opaline arcana161 character:pinkie pie120239 character:princess celestia55944 character:rainbow dash129741 character:rarity105172 character:spike45228 character:starlight glimmer30640 character:sunny starscout1945 character:twilight sparkle172285 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75973 species:alicorn136845 species:earth pony142427 species:pegasus186996 species:pony668134 species:unicorn185555 g4281839 g56021 spoiler:g51034 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark729 big crown thingy1484 crown10489 element of magic1321 eyes closed54876 female743946 full face view423 gradient hair2862 jewelry37887 looking at you99625 mane six16656 mare294212 multicolored hair5209 necklace11618 open mouth82445 peytral2078 profile5428 regalia12301 smiling151968 spread wings33751 three quarter view3128 wings70745


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