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From source (25 March 2023):
The threads of fate intertwine upon the last princess.
safe988296 artist:thebigstuff8925 character:applejack97552 character:fluttershy115917 character:izzy moonbow2158 character:moondancer2869 character:opaline arcana83 character:pinkie pie120141 character:princess celestia55918 character:rainbow dash129546 character:rarity105063 character:spike45210 character:starlight glimmer30596 character:sunny starscout1715 character:twilight sparkle172077 species:alicorn136492 species:earth pony141604 species:pegasus185993 species:pony665436 species:unicorn184548 g4280291 g55071 spoiler:g5424 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark288 big crown thingy1483 crown10417 element of magic1318 eyes closed54602 female741944 full face view392 gradient hair2620 jewelry37522 looking at you98916 mane six16648 mare292414 multicolored hair4938 necklace11497 open mouth81823 peytral2056 princess twilight17 profile5283 regalia12196 smiling150800 spread wings33297 three quarter view3005 wings69871


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