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11x17 iridescent foil Cadance and Flurry Heart poster design commissioned by the wonderful @romulus_dr ! 💖
safe989773 artist:confetticakez794 character:princess cadance18558 character:princess flurry heart4054 species:alicorn136667 species:pony666967 g4281274 cloud18324 crystal heart535 cute127832 cutedance815 daughter375 duo39054 female742959 filly35915 flurrybetes601 flying24462 foal8990 happy18902 holding hooves886 holofoil poster1 iridescent1 looking at each other11925 looking at someone529 mama cadence35 mare293407 mother1384 mother and child902 mother and daughter2928 older14431 older flurry heart701 open mouth82163 open smile1059 parent and child116 smiling151410 smiling at each other55 young1571


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