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From source (23 January 2023):
nuke com i forgot to post of specks kid trying to be the cool mature role model that knows how to crack open a coconut

the kid she's trying to show off to is kiddo, noleg's & scorch's kid
safe989773 artist:replica30 oc376396 oc only253095 oc:kiddo1 oc:nolegs24 oc:sirocca33 oc:speck204 oc:summer scorch9 species:anthro147573 species:bat pony29808 species:pegasus186552 species:unguligrade anthro28320 g4281274 anthro oc18658 baseball bat618 bat pony oc10199 bat wings4817 clothing299541 coconut169 commission38793 dialogue44630 dynamite152 explosives191 fangs15059 female742959 food41875 holding2175 kneeling4926 knife2836 looking down4839 male197017 mare293407 open mouth82163 pegasus oc4392 question mark2595 sharp teeth2582 shorts9150 sitting38666 speech bubble14179 sword6912 tank top4779 text27673 this will end in pain1112 weapon17604 wings70388 zweihander20


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