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From source (4 April 2023):
"I want to be just like you" by Jaanhavi
Opaline and Flurry
safe993913 artist:jaanhavi54 character:opaline arcana272 character:princess flurry heart4062 species:alicorn137318 species:pony671219 species:unicorn186794 g4283362 g57713 spoiler:g51756 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark1053 cute129583 duo focus685 eyes closed55256 female746530 filly36135 filly opaline arcana6 g5 to g4125 generation leap3522 glowing292 glowing horn12670 horn32615 magic45770 mare296435 older14495 older flurry heart709 ponytail11699 spread wings34276 summer sun celebration63 three quarter view3295 wings71754 young1853 younger10982


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