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From source (4 April 2023):
"I want to be just like you" by Jaanhavi
Opaline and Flurry
safe989758 artist:jaanhavi34 character:opaline arcana104 character:princess flurry heart4054 species:alicorn136666 species:pony666953 species:unicorn185008 g4281274 g55427 spoiler:g5609 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark430 cute127824 duo focus671 eyes closed54766 female742944 filly35914 filly opaline arcana2 g5 to g481 generation leap3379 glowing187 glowing horn12460 horn31499 magic45483 mare293393 older14431 older flurry heart701 ponytail11636 spread wings33572 summer sun celebration63 three quarter view3059 wings70386 young1570 younger10847


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