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Stumbled upon one of my favorite art piece that I've made back in a day. By the way that phoenix was just a watercolor blob.
safe994412 artist:apocheck13339 character:coco pommel3421 oc377619 species:bird5077 species:earth pony143766 species:phoenix763 species:pony671585 g4283489 bus378 car3276 city2641 cityscape410 collar17348 explicit source5780 female746916 flower15567 flower in hair4782 hooves13818 male198259 manehattan677 mare296734 necktie4092 one hoof raised810 painting2280 saddle bag4257 skyscraper170 stallion65814 street475 streetlight216 taxi176 traditional art65963 traffic light25 watercolor painting1564


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