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Stumbled upon one of my favorite art piece that I've made back in a day. By the way that phoenix was just a watercolor blob.
safe989773 artist:apocheck13318 character:coco pommel3409 oc376396 species:bird5048 species:earth pony142009 species:phoenix762 species:pony666967 g4281274 bus378 car3265 city2621 cityscape408 collar17287 explicit source5596 female742959 flower15405 flower in hair4731 hooves12518 male197017 manehattan677 mare293407 necktie4071 one hoof raised806 painting2251 saddle bag4202 skyscraper167 stallion64891 street472 streetlight214 taxi176 traditional art65841 traffic light25 watercolor painting1558


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