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From source (25 May 2022):
Gosh Pinkie, how can you be so nasty! >:(

Feat ⎸Pinkie Pie / Rarity
safe989773 artist:redxbacon28 character:pinkamena diane pie10654 character:pinkie pie120193 character:rarity105113 species:anthro147573 species:earth pony142009 species:unicorn185018 ship:raripie533 g4281274 apron2561 blushing105861 clothing299541 colored eyebrows1637 cute127832 dialogue44630 diapinkes6428 duo39054 eyebrows7476 eyes closed54770 female742959 floppy ears30888 leonine tail4868 lesbian51007 long tail1303 looking sideways1433 mare293407 profile5349 shipping103448 signature16433 simple background235523 speech bubble14179 straight hair194 sweater8763 tail15639 text27673 turtleneck871 white background55355


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