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Normal horses naturally come in a variety of earth tones, with a single hoof on each foot, and bodies covered with fur and mane and tail made of long hair.

Physical characteristics such as cloven hooves, horns, wings, feathers in place of hair, lion tails, and such are locked to their respective species. A unicorn cannot be born with wings, nor an earth pony born with feathery mane.

Color, however, has been spread from ancestral pegasus hybridization to every species of horse in the world. Bright hues pass down from parent to child as easily as long legs or curly mane. Behind the scenes, genes to conceive a foal that is a member of another species are carried through many ponies’ lineage; you can never tell when they will manifest.

The one constant is that a foal will be born as either an earth pony, unicorn, or pegasus. Something with multiple traits would be… a different creature entirely.
safe993951 artist:shirecorn1 manebooru spotlight177 character:carrot cake1165 character:cup cake2269 character:pound cake1360 character:pumpkin cake1263 species:earth pony143628 species:pegasus188163 species:pony671251 species:unicorn186811 g4283371 colt7414 cute129599 dappled281 daughter433 family2348 father354 father and child365 father and daughter1311 father and son563 female746563 filly36136 hoers1481 hooves13671 male198161 mare296463 mother1432 mother and child948 mother and daughter2967 mother and son1564 no pupils2543 one hoof raised810 parent and child182 realistic horse legs484 simple background237058 son184 stallion65736 unshorn fetlocks18067 white background55893 young1854


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