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From source (22 May 2018):
Use your words, Sunburst! Use them WISELY! =P

Totally haven't spent my evening trying to work out how Stellar Flare would stop Sunburst escaping! :P

MLP:FiM owned by Hasbro.
safe989773 artist:bobthedalek23 character:starlight glimmer30630 character:stellar flare657 character:sunburst4013 species:pony666967 species:unicorn185018 episode:the parent map728 g4281274 adorable distress332 aggressive mothering1 betrayal278 coat markings1893 comb269 cute127832 dialogue44630 essence8 female742959 glimmerbetes2765 glowing horn12462 held down29 horn31501 imminent makeover5 lying down9683 magic45486 magic aura2914 makeover252 male197017 mare293407 mother1384 mother and child902 mother and son1557 mothers gonna mother51 open mouth82163 parent and child116 prone15737 raised hoof28996 signature16433 simple background235523 socks (coat marking)2548 son173 stallion64891 sunbetes199 telekinesis17564 text27673 three quarter view3062 trio6053 white background55355


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