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From source (22 May 2018):
Use your words, Sunburst! Use them WISELY! =P

Totally haven't spent my evening trying to work out how Stellar Flare would stop Sunburst escaping! :P

MLP:FiM owned by Hasbro.
safe993894 artist:bobthedalek32 character:starlight glimmer30702 character:stellar flare662 character:sunburst4048 species:pony671199 species:unicorn186781 episode:the parent map728 g4283351 adorable distress357 aggressive mothering1 betrayal278 coat markings2417 comb270 cute129578 dialogue44919 essence8 female746508 glimmerbetes2787 glowing horn12663 held down29 horn32603 imminent makeover5 lying down10038 magic45763 magic aura3066 makeover253 male198139 mare296419 mother1431 mother and child947 mother and son1564 mothers gonna mother54 open mouth83293 parent and child181 prone15875 raised hoof29619 signature17305 simple background237035 socks (coat marking)3030 son184 stallion65718 sunbetes207 telekinesis17684 text28013 three quarter view3295 trio6177 white background55893


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