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From source (5 June 2020):
EQD ATG10 — Day 4:
"Draw a passed out pony/Draw a pony chasing their dreams"

Ah, the irony of this prompt appearing today. I've just finished my first week back at work. I'm shattered to say the least. I was very tempted to skip this prompt in an effort to get more sleep, but the idea was to good to miss up.

MLP:FiM owned by Hasbro.
safe989758 artist:bobthedalek23 character:starlight glimmer30630 species:pony666953 species:unicorn185008 newbie artist training grounds3937 g4281274 atg 2020636 clothing299538 coffee2522 cute127824 drink3381 face down ass up3982 female742944 glimmerbetes2765 kite528 mare293393 mug2611 onomatopoeia2123 pajamas2017 shoes22061 signature16431 sleeping13217 slippers666 sound effects899 spilled drink99 that pony sure does love kites172 zzz1287


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