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From source (15 May 2023):
High-class girls

Was inspired by some Madonna's songs ^-^

#Rarity #SweetieBelle #MLP #ponyart #mylittleponyfanart #mylittlepony
safe989755 artist:kejifox319 character:rarity105113 character:sweetie belle26197 species:pony666951 species:unicorn185007 g4281272 abstract background8974 chest fluff23378 clothing299537 duo39047 duo female6775 ear fluff18288 ears back27 explicit source5596 eyebrows7470 eyelashes5362 eyeshadow8842 female742943 fluffy8955 glowing horn12460 hooves12511 horn31498 jewelry37667 leg fluff2214 long hair2366 looking back31014 magic45483 makeup11499 mare293393 multicolored hair5035 narrowed eyes658 older14431 older sweetie belle1486 profile5347 purple hair378 siblings4490 signature16431 simple background235519 sisters5173 socks37280 song reference2049 stockings19110 telekinesis17564 thigh highs19830 unicorn horn14 white body7 white fur84


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