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May 16, 2023 at 8:12:45 AM UTC
🥰 #MLP #mylittlepony #appledash #Applejack #RainbowDash
safe993894 artist:yinyan_04098 character:applejack97734 character:rainbow dash129879 species:earth pony143608 species:pegasus188141 species:pony671199 ship:appledash3234 g4283351 apple family member2682 applejack's hat4169 clothing300710 cowboy hat9615 cute129578 dashabetes6484 duo39873 duo female7129 female746508 hat53264 jackabetes3867 lesbian51221 looking at you100456 mare296419 open mouth83293 open smile1688 shipping103978 smiling153358 smiling at you2408 sparkles3120 spread wings34274 stetson3897 wings71750


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