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May 25, 2023 at 3:55:56 PM UTC
Sketch for @VividSyntax ^^ #mylittlrpony
safe989758 artist:falafeljake194 manebooru spotlight142 character:braeburn3346 character:soarin'7592 species:earth pony142001 species:pegasus186547 species:pony666953 g4281274 apple family member2406 blushing105858 clothing299538 commission38793 duo39047 duo male319 eyebrows7470 eyebrows visible through hair2691 eyes closed54766 flying24461 food41874 grass5656 hat52902 male197014 pie2048 signature16431 smiling151403 spread wings33572 stallion64888 that pony sure does love pies222 wings70386


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