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December 6, 2014 at 6:22:42 AM UTC
The Great and Powerful Trixie Daily!!
safe991027 artist:whitediamonds478 character:applejack97643 character:rarity105176 character:trixie39157 species:earth pony142448 species:pony668227 species:unicorn185582 ship:rarijack4197 episode:boast busters880 g4281883 my little pony: friendship is magic163258 angry16485 apple9528 apple family member2480 apple gag94 applejack's hat4125 beehive hairdo72 bondage17413 bound and gagged431 brooch126 cape6452 clothing299930 cowboy hat9568 crying23212 earthworm17 eyes closed54881 female744020 floating2507 food41974 freckles18195 gag7425 glowing horn12533 green mane164 hat53055 hogtied326 horn31802 jewelry37905 lesbian51061 levitation7716 magic45571 magic aura2966 mare294278 open mouth82461 raised hoof29174 rarijack daily236 rope6458 scene interpretation5574 shipping103578 signature16714 sparkles3028 stetson3852 telekinesis17598 tied up3379 trio6080 trixie's brooch11 trixie's cape2451 trixie's hat2994 underhoof27468 unsexy bondage185 updo44 wizard hat697 worm254


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