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May 24, 2020 at 4:55:42 AM UTC
#my little pony #nightmare moon #princess luna

Alternate Source (Twitter)
safe992656 artist:zokkili48 character:nightmare moon9451 character:princess celestia55977 character:princess luna65836 species:alicorn137096 species:pony669913 g4282458 :32640 alternate hair color207 bat wings5001 colored pupils6465 cream background20 cute129046 duality2608 duo39557 female745271 filly36047 filly luna198 folded wings4130 high res17953 horn32096 light side6 looking at each other12088 looking at someone724 looking down4878 looking up9520 lunabetes2511 moonabetes211 nicemare moon131 nightmare woon291 open mouth82908 open smile1464 pink-mane celestia1587 ponies riding ponies1365 riding2983 simple background236510 smiling152725 smiling at each other76 spread wings34054 wings71327 woona3550 young1758 younger10923


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