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November 18, 2023 at 9:07:12 AM UTC

Alternate Source (Twitter)
little ray! ✨ #MLP #mlpart #mylittlepony #Fluttershy #art
safe991027 artist:tyutya_loh1236 artist:tyutyaloh1233 character:fluttershy116053 species:pegasus187026 species:pony668227 g4281883 bed22836 blushing106046 crepuscular rays1782 cute128354 ear fluff18411 eye clipping through hair4041 eyebrows7820 eyebrows visible through hair2803 female744020 indoors1724 looking at you99651 lying down9767 mare294278 on bed1599 prone15770 shyabetes8764 signature16714 smiling152003 smiling at you2029 solo628491 wingding eyes12394 wings70774


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