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From source (14 April 2021):
divine intervention
safe993337 artist:riceflowers_art3 character:sunny starscout2307 character:twilight sparkle172421 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)76057 species:alicorn137226 species:earth pony143340 species:pony670606 g4282938 g57378 my little pony: a new generation1140 blushing106471 book20632 comic66422 derp4015 dialogue44844 disembodied head375 duo39721 ethereal mane5044 female745930 high res18118 implied bisexual101 implied lesbian1995 implied shipping2878 implied straight2579 lying down9992 mare295966 older14475 older twilight929 ponyloaf264 princess twilight 2.01301 prone15849 reading3988 shipper on deck899 shipping103872 speech bubble14289 sunny and her heroine49 text27941 twilight the shipper43


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