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From source (24 January 2022):
some finished ych from twitter. please consider ordering one! (see pinned for info)

Twitter description (23 January 2022):
safe993937 artist:pfeffaroo234 character:argyle starshine59 character:sunny starscout2417 character:twilight sparkle172469 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)76085 species:alicorn137319 species:earth pony143621 species:pony671236 g4283369 g57726 my little pony: a new generation1172 armchair158 bag2908 ball2163 chair4258 clothing300729 coat markings2425 colored hooves6213 commission39199 controller1304 cute129595 daughter433 eyes closed55259 fangirl148 father354 father and child365 father and daughter1311 female746551 filly36136 filly sunny71 food42200 high res18222 hoodie8560 hoof heart405 hooves13668 in-universe pegasister93 male198159 mare296450 parent and child182 photo30401 picture712 plushie13795 popcorn978 satchel229 sleeping13281 smiling153387 socks (coat marking)3038 solo630266 sunny and her heroine62 sunny's buttons134 sunnybetes686 sweet dreams fuel698 tennis ball478 three quarter view3296 toy7093 twilight sparkle plushie28 unshorn fetlocks18063 ych example1785 ych result12214 young1854 younger10983 your character here7009


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