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From source (17 December 2021):
Commission for SoulBeat1
safe993789 artist:alexdti7 oc377498 oc only253875 oc:soul beat9 species:pegasus188100 species:pony671100 g4283314 blue background3031 brown eyes267 clothing300686 folded wings4220 full body1203 glasses36734 lidded eyes19963 looking at you100437 looking back31196 male198118 multicolored hair5671 open mouth83270 open smile1678 pegasus oc4561 raised hoof29604 reference sheet7512 simple background236980 smiling153321 smiling at you2406 solo630201 spread wings34264 stallion65702 standing6970 tail16256 text28003 wings71726


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