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From source (3 August 2021):
Commissioned by SoulBeat1
safe993789 artist:jhayarr231065 character:scootaloo27998 oc377498 oc:soul beat9 species:pegasus188100 species:pony671100 g4283314 basket1971 cup4071 female746433 glasses36734 looking at each other12174 looking at someone832 lying down10031 male198118 mare296361 older14494 older scootaloo1366 open mouth83270 open smile1678 picnic804 picnic basket331 picnic blanket596 profile5730 prone15871 raised hoof29604 sitting39091 smiling153321 stallion65702 teacup1918 teapot638 three quarter view3293 tree19845


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