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From source (11 May 2024):
Ponikon11 Commission 1 for @ruto_me
Thank you for commission✨

DeviantArt description (13 May 2024):
Celestia and Luna
Japan ponikon commission 1
safe993789 artist:maren850 character:princess celestia56007 character:princess luna65891 species:alicorn137305 species:pony671100 gamer luna1046 g4283314 cake6023 cakelestia711 cheek bulge92 clothing300686 commission39189 crown10553 cute129534 duo39851 duo female7115 eating6158 eyeshadow8981 female746433 food42187 fork548 glowing288 glowing horn12659 herbivore364 hoof hold5557 hoof shoes3425 horn32569 jewelry38376 lidded eyes19963 long horn281 lunabetes2537 magic45754 magic aura3065 magnetic hooves39 makeup11660 mare296361 messy1207 messy eating783 necklace11827 nintendo switch305 open mouth83270 peytral2122 plate1088 princess shoes136 profile5730 regalia12386 royal sisters2895 shoes22203 siblings4611 simple background236980 sisters5278 slice of cake19 sternocleidomastoid12 telekinesis17680 that pony sure does love cakes30 white background55872


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