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Posted previously at: 2015-07-12T21:35:51 | Posted previously by: Camled
safe981010 artist:devinian42 character:bon bon9865 character:diamond tiara5048 character:fancypants1032 character:filthy rich662 character:fleur-de-lis2185 character:starlight glimmer30396 character:sweetie drops9842 oc373995 oc:sacred heart28 species:earth pony138698 species:pegasus183068 species:pony657489 species:unicorn181219 g4271297 absurd resolution44428 bonabelle bonette21 canterlot3893 carriage165 chalkboard1646 city2580 cityscape375 clothing295173 commission37994 detailed527 featured on derpibooru551 flower15059 hat52058 low angle754 mist126 open mouth79665 perspective456 profile3954 scenery5458 scenery porn612 street463 sun hat564 technical advanced9 three quarter view1169 when you see it329


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Hello everybody and I'm sorry I don't reply to all your messages, but that usually means I'm not open yet. This time it's a commission for Marleyrome12 depicting a street of the Canterlot city(town?) and his pony OC Sacred Heart. It wasn't easy to construct a logicaly sane structures that are still somehow close to the accurate depiction as the show tends to change it completly with each angle. It always amazed me how chaotic and grotesque it's architecture is while still staying consistent and charming. Of course I allwed myself for some creative freedom :)