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Manechat vs Manebooru


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Dear staff:
There is one thing I have been quite confused about since joining this site a few days ago: why are there so many people in the Manechat Discord server that you operate, and yet so little actual activity here on this site? I would think that many of the people that use the Manechat would also like to comment on images directly that are uploaded to this site, or even upload images themselves. Instead, the only people who seem to be uploading here, other than the one image I uploaded myself, are the people that operate the site, and comments are very few and far between, as well. Are the people on the Discord server just not interested in this site? If so, I think that is quite sad, since from my own experience this site has been amazing. Hopefully you all can help clarify that a bit.
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Manechat discord has been around longer than Manebooru. Manebooru is rather new, and as a result, its userbase is very small. The best way to increase that is to spread the word! Unfortunately, we're competing with other boorus, and because of our stance on certain subjects, our traffic is also impacted. Manebooru was made based off of Manechat, but majority of its users don't really care for/use the booru.
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