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The G5 tag

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Started by Wcctnoam
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The G5 tag was created because inevitably it will be needed. Unlike the other generational tags, this tag will be subject to stricter control: tagging something with G5 will automatically imply and add the Speculation tag. Removing this tag from the picture will be considered a breach of Rule 3c unless it comes from an official source, which must be included and linked.

This is because, as of right now, we have 0 information on G5 and it looks like that trend will continue for a long while. Even the leaks from three and a half years ago don't count as official for our definition, they are so old there's nothing to say any of it is relevant anymore.
And so we came to our solution. In order to help prevent misinformation and the spread of rumours, anything tagged as G5 will be assumed to be speculative until proven otherwise.

We look forward to the time we can reverse this policy.
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