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ZZ Swirl

Here a vector of STar Swirl while he is dressed like a member of the american blues rock/hard rock band ZZ Top. The idea came to me while I listened to a few ZZ Top songs. For these who don't know this band: ZZ Top is known for their long beards of two members (what was the main reason for this idea) and also for wearing usually trenchcoats, stetsons and sunglasses. The base was a screenshot of Star Swirl from the episode "Shadow Play — Part 2".

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Posted previously at: 2018-01-24T22:28:49 | Posted previously by: IronM17
safe989759 artist:ironm17441 character:star swirl the bearded1349 species:pony666954 species:unicorn185010 g4281273 clothing299541 colored hooves5237 electric guitar653 guitar3081 hat52905 hooves12511 male197014 raised hoof28992 simple background235517 solo627697 stallion64888 sunglasses8742 transparent background126945 trenchcoat384 unshorn fetlocks16890 vector50103 zz top10


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