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RD: RARITY, are you even paying attention???

Rarity: Wah?? OHH—-I MEAN, of course!! I held my bucket and everything!

RD: But you have to CATCH the BALL!!

Rarity: REALLY?? Well, that sounds dangerous!

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Posted previously at: 2018-08-19T00:59:09 | Posted previously by: laofuzi
safe986211 screencap194414 character:rarity104948 species:pony663398 species:unicorn183714 episode:the end in friend602 g4278178 my little pony: friendship is magic163092 basket1935 buckbasket48 bushel basket113 clothing298250 cropped40324 female739938 hoofball40 jersey327 levitation7606 magic45201 mare290522 notepad349 sketchbook202 solo625391 telekinesis17406 unamused9749 worried2513 youtube link2397


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