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Posted previously at: 2018-09-01T02:11:45 | Posted previously by: Seltonik
safe988201 artist:ghostlymarie56 character:applejack97548 character:fluttershy115906 character:pinkie pie120136 character:rainbow dash129538 character:rarity105058 character:twilight sparkle172068 species:alicorn136478 species:earth pony141566 species:pegasus185947 species:pony665341 species:unicorn184517 g4280223 backwards cutie mark1859 blushing105666 chest fluff23148 cute127262 dashabetes6374 diapinkes6403 eyebrows6949 eyes closed54589 female741854 floppy ears30762 group hug579 hug17091 jackabetes3817 mane six16646 mare292338 picnic blanket586 profile5278 raribetes3527 shyabetes8693 signature16010 spread wings33284 three quarter view2999 twiabetes7989 wings69840


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