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Posted previously at: 2012-01-02T14:21:39 | Posted previously by: Clover the Clever
safe987513 screencap194439 character:fluttershy115822 species:pegasus185646 species:pony664704 episode:the best night ever989 g4279577 my little pony: friendship is magic163150 season 1367 animated64263 artifact530 ei397 female741154 flutterrage297 gif21280 glare5250 gritted teeth6820 hub logo7817 looking at you98572 mare291738 open mouth81593 panting1450 pony pokey12 rage876 sin of wrath37 solo626325 spread wings33106 watermark9501 wings69532 yandere426 yelling1911 you're going to love me122


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