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Posted previously at: 2019-05-26T12:28:20
safe988302 edit85853 edited screencap48752 screencap194478 character:princess luna65741 species:alicorn136493 species:pony665449 episode:between dark and dawn1357 g4280299 my little pony: friendship is magic163165 alternate hairstyle17292 animated64282 barehoof170 beach9208 beach chair322 crossed legs2016 deal with it176 drink3347 eyelashes5237 eyeliner465 eyes closed54603 female741953 folded wings3825 gif21289 glowing horn12374 hair bun2123 hooves behind head183 horn31078 levitation7648 lidded eyes19723 magic45400 magic aura2846 makeup11467 mare292423 meme38036 no shame73 open mouth81825 reaction image5641 reclining245 relaxing911 solo626965 stupid sexy princess luna386 sunglasses8729 telekinesis17502 we don't normally wear clothes563 wingless2303 wings69874


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