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Season 5 is finally here! And with the new season comes a new pony to plush. :D I did something I normally would never, ever do in order to make Starlight here a reality this soon—I looked at a few spoiler images. For anyone that knows me, I despise spoilers of any kind. But, as so often happens on the internet, I managed to accidentally stumble across some images of her without realizing who she was until it was too late. So at that point, I figured "What the heck, I might as well go for it now." XD

So yeah, I'm not usually one to be on the absolute cutting edge like this, but I gotta admit, it feels kinda neat to be here. :D

Consisting of five separate pieces, her hair is an absolute beast to make. I'm pretty happy with how the pattern turned out (minus a few touch-ups I can see to do next time), but all those little stripes are such a pain in the plot to keep straight and organized. And once again, the pictures don't really do her justice—her colors are much more vibrant and the curl on her side mane is much more three-dimensional in real life.

Hope you guys like her! And hooray for new pony after all this time!

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Posted previously at: 2019-05-29T12:30:02 | Posted previously by: mjangelvortex
safe988251 artist:peruserofpieces171 character:starlight glimmer30596 species:pony665385 species:unicorn184531 episode:the cutie map2776 g4280264 my little pony: friendship is magic163162 bedroom eyes31603 equal cutie mark943 evil starlight42 fake cutie mark303 female741892 front view355 horn31063 irl26321 lidded eyes19721 mare292371 photo30367 plushie13743 profile5282 rear view6684 s5 starlight1062 smiling150784 smirk7247 smug3626 solo626929 toy7002


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