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Granny Smith: The next category is "Apples"!

Rainbow Dash: Rigged!

Applejack: I didn't hear you complain when the category was "Wonderbolt History".

Rainbow Dash: But… [stutters] that-that's totally different!

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Posted previously at: 2019-08-18T04:22:58 | Posted previously by: laofuzi
safe993341 screencap195425 character:applejack97698 character:doctor whooves6183 character:granny smith3376 character:matilda340 character:rainbow dash129848 character:spike45242 character:time turner6174 species:dragon33599 episode:a trivial pursuit1031 g4282942 my little pony: friendship is magic163308 accusation18 bell2565 card1265 curtains1304 notepad353 podium202 question mark2613 score138 table5783 winged spike5643


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