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Posted previously at: 2012-01-02T18:02:36 | Posted previously by: Clover the Clever
safe987513 artist:moe37 character:derpy hooves27570 species:pegasus185646 species:pony664704 g4279577 canterlot3914 canterlot mountain17 castle1214 cliff710 cloud18221 cloudy3474 envelope188 epic derpy237 featured on derpibooru576 female741154 forest6294 grass5575 mail659 mailbag516 mailmare706 mare291738 mountain3220 nature596 overlooking6 river1247 scenery5529 scenery porn635 signature15770 sitting38425 sky8747 solo626325 sunrise696 sunset3172 technically advanced86 tree19610 valley124 wallpaper12201 water8456 waterfall1118 we miss moe1 wind729 windswept mane1829 wings69532


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