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Here's what Friendship is Magic would've looked like if Hasbro was super strict with their character choices

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Posted previously at: 2020-05-17T14:11:14
safe991027 artist:logan jones299 character:cheerilee5333 character:pinkie pie120241 character:rainbow dash129742 character:scootaloo27969 character:starsong182 character:sweetie belle26211 character:toola roola (g3)170 species:pegasus187026 species:pony668227 series:core seven friendship is magic1 g3.5717 alternate universe5176 big crown thingy1484 core seven34 core seven elements of harmony1 earth pony rainbow dash28 flying24540 g3.5 to g473 generation leap3405 jewelry37905 my little pony logo840 rainbow dash always dresses in style1069 regalia12302 scootaloo can fly455


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