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It's everyone's favorite silent protagonist, Link—er, Quarter Hearts! He's ready to break pots and HYAAAH! his way into your hearts…just as soon as he can find his way out of these darn woods.

I really like this guy. A lot. I might have to make him again for my own game room. :D

If you want to see more pics and progress shots of my girls (and boys!) as they're happening, check out my twitter @ Peruserofpieces!

About My Beanies
All of my beanies are around 8-9 inches tall (about 11 inches standing), and about 12 inches long from hoof to hoof (princesses are just a wee bit bigger). The heads and bodies are stuffed normally, while the hooves contain weighted poly-pellets to help them stay balanced on your shoulder while walking around. They're the perfect-sized travel buddy, they fit neatly inside a carry-on luggage, and they also look super-cute riding in a messenger bag.

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Happy to say that I actually own this guy. Bought him from Peruser last year and I love him