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Posted previously at: 2012-01-02T23:06:29
safe987513 artist:dalapony88 character:cloud kicker1443 character:derpy hooves27570 character:rarity105014 character:spitfire7954 character:twilight sparkle172014 species:pegasus185646 species:pony664704 species:unicorn184275 g4279577 apple cider (drink)226 bipedal20254 blushing105575 burning319 cider1658 clothing298833 cloudsdale751 clusterfuck15 comic66306 dark comedy333 derp3975 dialogue44530 drinking2018 drunk2649 drunk rarity109 drunk twilight176 faec8406 female741154 fire6730 fire hose17 fire hydrant29 firefighter103 firefighter derpy hooves3 firefighter helmet39 fireworks1256 frown14627 funny2172 funny as hell241 glass2810 glass bottle17 gritted teeth6820 happy new year708 hat52698 helmet6855 hoof hold5315 male196708 mane of fire879 mane on fire42 mare291738 marshmallow741 match60 messy mane4686 mouth hold10890 new year598 on fire104 open mouth81593 party hat1454 reality ensues238 running3768 scared6496 scenery5529 scenery porn635 scrunchy face4409 smiling150465 stallion64632 unamused9767 uniform6336 wahaha89 wat8607 water8456 wide eyes10498 wine glass887 wonderbolts2302 wonderbolts uniform3727


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