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Posted previously at: 2017-12-28T16:59:53 | Posted previously by: Seltonik
safe993445 artist:yakovlev-vad507 character:starlight glimmer30684 species:pony670654 species:unicorn186586 g4283029 :32644 :t2420 adorkable2608 alternate hairstyle17432 bed22908 chest fluff23704 computer3209 cute129355 cutie mark28626 dork2761 drinking2048 ear fluff18700 fake cutie mark306 female746007 floppy ears31188 fluffy9046 food42158 friendship throne558 frog (hoof)5977 glasses36707 glimmerbetes2784 hoof fluff851 hoof hold5525 human shoulders486 laptop computer1259 leg fluff2294 lidded eyes19945 mare295998 nerd544 on back12529 pillow10281 popcorn977 poster2690 semi-anthro6933 short hair1526 shoulder fluff1078 sitting39041 smiling153086 smirk7304 smug3667 smuglight glimmer159 soda944 solo629946 straw1233 thinkpad9 throne1966 throne room713 underhoof27721 wallpaper12186


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