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A picture inspired by a comment on Derpibooru about Gallus in Myanmar.

Here, I made Gallus into a Garuda, with Sri Vishnu riding on his back. It is actually a dream.

The Kawi (ancient Malay/Sanskrit) text reads:

(Above Vishnu): Shrī Vishnu

(Below Gallus): Gallës sī Garuda

(Above Sandbar): Sī Sendbār

(Sandbar's words): Sūsvapnāh (sweet dreams)
safe973247 artist:horsesplease757 character:gallus4715 character:sandbar3749 species:griffon16025 demon1463 dream1711 garuda12 god135 halo1033 helmet6570 hindu6 hinduism12 javanese4 kawi5 sanskrit2 sword6774 traditional art65169 vishnu3 weapon17197


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