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Figured I'd kick off summer with a pic of what I love summer for the most.

Apple Bloom is the most adorable character I've ever seen or drawn. My third favorite behind Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie.
safe993937 artist:willdrawforfood129 character:apple bloom27890 species:earth pony143621 species:pony671236 g4283369 adorabloom1910 apple9554 apple bloom's bow863 apple core72 apple family member2682 basket1971 bow15959 bucket1497 crepuscular rays1810 cute129595 dawwww2708 eyes closed55259 female746551 filly36136 food42200 hair bow8876 hnnng1681 lying down10041 newborn298 photoshop2130 pony in a basket40 profile5744 prone15876 sleeping13281 smiling153387 solo630266 weapons-grade cute2546 young1854


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