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A collab with AuroraCursed80 …i cant draw gen 5 well but she did an amazing job in coloring :squee: ….oh boy…im excited with da new gen but i'll keep my expectations low for it ;p
safe977455 artist:auroracursed801 artist:liaaqila837 character:applejack96964 character:fluttershy114750 character:hitch trailblazer183 character:izzy moonbow895 character:pinkie pie119442 character:pipp petals541 character:rainbow dash128724 character:rarity104356 character:sunny starscout695 character:twilight sparkle170907 character:zipp storm158 species:earth pony136541 species:pegasus181209 species:pony652979 species:unicorn179234 g51714 book20174 book of harmony72 bracelet5726 braid3752 coat markings939 collaboration3782 cute122989 diapipptes123 diazipptes3 featured image42 female730329 floppy ears29273 friendship journal141 heart24948 hitchbetes2 holding1770 izzybetes185 jewelry35367 light867 male194628 mane g533 mane six16518 mare282244 mouth hold10639 night15308 pale belly547 pony pile482 sleeping13029 socks (coat marking)1707 stallion63080 sunnybetes149 tiny615 tiny ponies820 toy6702 unshorn fetlocks14748 zippabetes1


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