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From source:

A commission i got from [GalaxieDream].

Here we have a reference sheet for my human headcanon versions of limestone Pie :3

She is African-American and a lesbian, and is the top worker at the Pie Family rock farm. she works as a miner :)
safe977455 artist:ichiban-iceychan15171 character:limestone pie2762 species:human74388 abs6107 barefoot16144 belly button43824 bra9529 clothing293654 commission37675 converse3523 crossed arms3121 dark skin2354 ear piercing14161 earring11642 eyebrow piercing420 feet22899 female730329 fingerless gloves2659 gloves11716 gray background3910 gray underwear114 humanized52868 jewelry35367 midriff12120 nose piercing1566 nose ring1280 pants9318 piercing21785 reference sheet7405 scar6778 shirt14264 shoes21101 simple background229698 sneakers3541 solo617824 species swap11365 t-shirt2300 tattoo2666 underwear34119 vest2425


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