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From source:

So, I got this idea to draw our famous big and smol sis' pair in kinda different way…
I may or may not gonna draw the other duos as well .3.

art by me // Scootaloo, Rainbow Dash © hasbro
safe993337 artist:julunis14250 character:rainbow dash129848 character:scootaloo27989 species:pegasus187908 species:pony670606 g4282938 age swap51 chest fluff23698 ear fluff18699 ear piercing14721 earring12108 fake cutie mark306 female745930 filly36076 filly rainbow dash684 jewelry38286 leg fluff2294 looking at each other12131 older14475 older scootaloo1360 paintbrush983 piercing22431 profile5656 role reversal873 sibling love21 signature17134 simple background236766 sisterly love243 spread wings34193 three quarter view3252 wings71582 young1792 younger10939


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