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From source:

Rainbow Dash is good at making new friends!

Draw a pony making a friend / Draw a pony patching things up
safe979505 artist:thefloatingtree137 character:rainbow dash128864 character:twilight sparkle171108 character:twilight sparkle (unicorn)9720 species:pegasus182047 species:pony654876 species:unicorn180221 newbie artist training grounds3779 g4263323 my little pony: friendship is magic162840 animated64021 atg 202144 cloud17770 digital art9626 duo37279 duo female6002 female732006 gif21159 laughing4801 mare283613 mud1277 on a cloud809 pixel art5505 profile3546 rain3783 scene interpretation5419 simple background230519 sitting37273 transparent background126345 twilight is not amused873 unamused9632


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