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From source:

Decided to have another go at human Minuette, since I wasn't satisfied with my last attempts. I think I finally got it right.

Experimented with some different techniques. This time, I put the digital trace of my pencil sketch as a separate layer, which actually made my job a lot easier. Especially when it came to the pattern on her sweater, which would have been absolute hell, if I just kept mindlessly coloring in one layer. I can't believe it took me this long to figure this out. Also first time drawing feet. Thankfully I had the sense to give her socks to make my job easier.

Her outfit is based on a photoshoot Emma Watson did with Los Angeles Times in 2004 (hence the title). It's classy, but still casual and comfortable. It also looks really cute. Perfect outfit for Minuette. Also experimented with a darker skin colour, though I didn't fully commit to the "black Minuette" idea, because I still need to make the colour scheme fit. Was also trying to make her slightly chubby, but the pose and thick sweater kind of hides it. Oh well.
safe980293 artist:jesterofdestiny42 character:minuette3602 species:human74623 g4269912 clothing294742 female732904 humanized52991 jeans2454 looking at you95349 no pupils2218 pants9376 ponytail11313 shirt14389 simple background230954 sitting37390 smiling147422 smiling at you1277 socks36491 solo620090 species swap11557 sweater8578 white background53821


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