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From source:

Marble in a dark dress. I think I found proportions I’d be happy with.
This is a pretty new thing for me so there's still tweaking. It'll get better. X3
safe980291 artist:symbianl353 character:marble pie3500 species:anthro145380 species:earth pony138263 g4269912 :32517 arm fluff48 black dress187 blushing103844 breasts154586 cheek fluff3359 clothing294741 colored eyebrows377 cute123877 cute little fangs1374 dress26660 ear fluff16941 eyebrows1757 fangs14701 female732902 floppy ears29552 fluffy8658 looking at you95349 looking back30204 looking back at you7319 marblebetes350 mare284455 neck fluff496 sharp teeth2158 smiling147420 snaggletooth64 solo620090


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