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From source:

#Mlp #Pony #Brony #Pipp #Art #NewGeneration #Gen5 #PippPetals
safe981010 artist:arisuyukita1 character:pipp petals880 species:pegasus183068 species:pony657489 g53218 my little pony: a new generation687 adorapipp187 cellphone2208 chest fluff22435 circlet531 cloud17862 coat markings1345 colored eyebrows523 colored hooves3966 cute124214 ear fluff17090 female733869 fluffy8686 flying24055 hoof hold5086 hooves10736 mare285437 phone3611 pipp wings756 profile3954 side view703 signature14179 smartphone1293 socks (coat marking)2081 solo620710 spread wings31529 underhoof26846 unshorn fetlocks15567 wings66773


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